Waterborne Debris/Litter Removal

We also remove a variety of debris from waterways. The machine has the ability to access a vast amount of areas where it is not possible for other machines or by person.

As seen, Specialist Lake Services were able to remove a vast amount of plastic pollution/ debris from a waterway. Not only will this present the waterway in an aesthetically pleasing manner, there will be great benefits for wildlife and the environment as a whole. All debris removed was disposed in the correct manner.

It is estimated that plastic makes up 60-90% of all marine debris and recent studies show that one plastic bottle can last over 400 years in a marine environment. Pollution in waterways has a direct impact on wildlife and their habitats and recent coverage including BBC’s Blue Planet 2 shows the devastating effects on marine life that’s currently taking place.

Here at Specialist Lake Services we encourage the general public to think where their litter will finish up if not disposed in the correct ways.

Waterborne Debris / Litter Removal